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Cover Art by JoelPhilArt @ Deviant Art

A rock star, David is torn between his public persona and the man he is at home. When on stage, he praises the Lord, as would a good Christian, while young women clamor for his attention, but behind the heavy gates that guard his home, he is a man with more than one secret. David is a Jew, not a Christian, and no woman will ever hold his heart. The one he hurries home to is Nathan, the quiet man who turned his life around. As his fame escalates, a secret from his past threatens everything he would willingly die to protect.

“And the Grammy goes to…” A hush fell over the crowd and David sat in the front row with his eyes closed. Let it be me, he repeated to himself several times. Then it happened. “Son Phoenix!” The audience went wild as the band made its way to the stage to accept the award for rock album of the year.
When David lifted the statue high above his head, the audience roared. They had all been contenders, but David was the best. He was the lead singer, the member of the band that made young women faint, but David Wassenstein was known as Blade to them. He crossed himself and thanked the Lord for the honor, as was expected of a good Christian.
Nathan Gelman sat in the back row and watched the hypocrisy. David, or Blade, clutched his chest as if he were touching a cross that hung from his neck, but Nathan knew the truth. The Star of David dangled from Blade’s neck. Nathan had given it to him six months ago on their two year anniversary. David said that Jewish men didn’t become rock stars, but that was exactly what David was…a rock star…and a Jew.
David didn’t look at Nathan when he accepted the award. He didn’t dare. He didn’t care his fans thought or knew he was gay. Men and women pushed through the crowds to look at him, to touch him, to hear him speak a few words only to them. David didn’t look at Nathan because he knew what he would see in the eyes of his lover. He would see disappointment, betrayal, and hurt because he had denounced his faith, at least in public. When the two of them were together in their home, locked behind heavy gated walls, David was as true to the Jewish faith as Nathan.
David didn’t notice when Nathan quietly exited the theatre, but he had expected him to leave as soon as the winner was announced.
Nathan drove through the gate that closed behind him and turned on the lights inside the mansion they shared. He lit a fire in the fireplace and waited for the black limousine that would bring Blade home to him again. His fingertips lightly outlined the matching Star of David that clung to his chest as he thought about the separate lives they led.

David was running. He was running from his past, from his present, and what the future may hold for the two of them, but mostly, David was running from himself.
His star power had skyrocketed and he had no knowledge of his ex-wife’s whereabouts, but those were things he had come to terms with quite easily. David’s issues went far deeper than Nathan had realized. At the time of the divorce, he and his wife had a baby girl, but no marriage. He wrote to his ex often, as did she to him, but after a while, the correspondence ceased. They had nothing more to say to each other. David sent payments for the child he feared he would never know, but he never saw his daughter again.
In a sense, David was the father to a ghost. Nathan noticed how he scanned the packed audiences when he took the stage. Women of all ages thought he was looking only at them, but Nathan knew he was studying the faces hoping to find one with features that mirrored his own.
“Hallelujah,” a romance novel by B.K. Wright, is available from B&N, Amazon, All Romance ebooks, Kobo, Google Books, Apple, and Coffeetime Romance. Also available in print from Amazon. Our website is

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Undeniable by KC Kendricks

Just released - May 10, 2015

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About the book:

With a summer storm threatening to ruin his Friday afternoon, Asa Burton packs his briefcase and bolts for home before the driving gets dangerous. On the interstate, stuck behind an accident, he regrets his decision until he sees Ford Weston standing along the side of the road talking to a police officer. 

Ford Weston can’t believe his luck, bad and good. First his car gets clipped on the tail end of an accident, and than none other than Asa Burton pulls over and offers him a ride home. Coming face-to-face with the biggest regret of his life leaves Ford off-balance. He’d screwed up with Asa all those years ago. It was his fault the relationship ended.

Asa can’t believe he’s found Ford again, so why is he angry with himself? Could it be because Ford walked out on him without a word seventeen years ago and he did nothing to stop him? Asa’s sure of only one thing – Fate just handed him the opportunity to win Ford back – and get some answers.  


“That’s how you moved in on me the first time. I was sitting on the sofa talking to friends and you plopped down beside me. Then you put your arm around me and asked me if I wanted to get naked.”

“I was smooth in those days, wasn’t I?”

Asa laughed. “You were one horny bastard and you were on the prowl.”

He sobered as Ford stroked his cheek with trembling fingers then ran his thumb over his lips. 

“Asa, I’d have never jumped you like that if I’d known you were so inexperienced.”

He was surprised to hear the regret in Ford’s voice.

“I was shaking like a leaf in my frat-boy sneakers when I walked out the door with you. You were the answer to my big problem, you know. I was desperate to lose my virginity but just any guy wouldn’t do. I wanted a real stud for the job.”

“I’m glad you chose me.”

Asa set his beer down. It was the second one today he wasn’t going to finish. He turned and put his arms around Ford’s neck. There was one thing he knew would move them past uncertainty. 

He pressed his lips to Ford’s.

Ford was still for a moment then his lips parted. Past and present merged for Asa as the memory of those long ago shared kisses blended with the feel of Ford’s warm mouth moving under his. Now was all that mattered. His groin tightened as he shifted forward and Ford went down beneath him.

Never breaking the kiss Asa worked his hands under Ford’s shirt to caress bare skin. His dick swelled full and hard when Ford slipped his hand down the back of his pants to squeeze his ass. Inside him, little muscles twitched with the memory of the first time Ford fucked him, of the burn as Ford went into him. He’d spun into a white-hot heat he’d never found with anyone else. Asa kissed the throbbing vein in Ford’s neck.

“We have too many clothes on.”

Ford stroked the back of his head. “You cut your gorgeous hair.”

“It was time.” Asa raised up enough to look at him. Ford’s pupils had gone wide and black and 

Asa wondered if his eyes looked the same. He ran his fingers through Ford’s dark locks.

“I wanted the senior partners to take me seriously. That wasn’t going to happen looking like a wannabe singer in a boy band.”

“I get it, but it really surprises me you’d do it. Are you ready to take this to the bedroom?”

“Oh, yeah. I’ve changed some, Ford.”

“So have I. Let me up.”

“One more for road.”

“The bedroom - "

Asa cut Ford off as he kissed him. Ford met him, thrusting his tongue in Asa’s mouth in a mock fucking. In response, Asa flexed his hips against Ford’s. He silently damned the layers of fabric between them as the ridge of his erection rode of Ford’s equally hard cock. Asa shifted sideways to drop onto his knees and rock back on his heels.

“Which way?”



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Shadow of Self

By choice or by chance, life finds a former college foursome in the dynamic city of Dallas, Texas.
Daniel Self, former hero of his college football team, is handsome, smart, compassionate, and loved by many, but for very different reasons.  The former head cheerleader, beautiful Jenna Samms, wants Daniel as a temporary charm on her bracelet of life, but she has no idea he has a secret desire that she can never satisfy.  He leaves one night, giving little information about his destination.  Dunnelly Knight hides his feelings for Daniel, becoming a popular newscaster and partnering with a powerful and wealthy businessman in Dallas.  A shy and tortured soul, Jamie Barnes is a night club performer with gender identity issues, making his twisted journey forward and giving himself to wealthy clients for money.  He thinks of Daniel often, as he was the man who awakened him to what he wanted most.
When one of them is murdered, questions and accusations are raised, but few answers surface.
And then, Daniel returns.
The MASQUERADE was the hottest show bar in Texas, and it was there that Jamie Barnes from Willow, Texas found his true calling.  The drag shows were always followed by male strippers, and on weekends lines waited at the door for entry.
Jamie headed to the makeshift mirror and makeup table of the cramped dressing room behind the stage.  “I thought it went well.  I was feeling the love for that drag from New Orleans.  She should come back again.”
“Yeah, the audience loved her, but what was with that arch of the back on her last song.  I thought she might be trying to limbo under the rainbow,” Lauren, formerly Larry, cattily laughed.
“Don’t be bitter because the audience loved her,” Jamie snickered.
“Okay, I’m not trying to get into your business, but you’ve had the picture of that hunk in the football uniform stuck on your mirror since we’ve been with this club.  Who is he?  Is he some mystery man from your past?”
Jamie’s expression darkened.  “Don’t go there, okay, his name is Daniel, and that’s all you need to know.”
“I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to pry.  I’ll never bring it up again.”
Jamie looked into the mirror as he wiped off the makeup.  He watched his gender change and the reflection of one Jamie became another looking back at him.  He looked up at Daniel’s picture and set the hairbrush on the table.
Denton was a bit of a spoiled narcissist who went for what he wanted and felt entitled to have it.  Dunnelly knew from the beginning that he and Denton had very different values.  Dunnelly thrived on work and career as Denton went through the motions of working at an oil company downtown, a job snagged through connections of his father.  Denton seemed to have all the free time and money he needed and he wanted Dunnelly to be part of it.  It was a clash of values they both tried to work through, but the sex and passion was the glue that held them together.
“Okay Denton,” Dunnelly shouted into the open door of the den.  “Do you think you could at least pick up after yourself?”
Denton looked up from the computer with the same glazed look in his eyes that was the giveaway that he had already had a few too many beers.  “Whoa… go easy on me, handsome.  I’ve had a long day myself,” he smiled with his usual sarcasm.
“Yeah, right, you worked four rather than three hours today?  Denton, you know the cleaning service only comes in once a week, and they don’t seem to be doing a very good job.  It was your idea to hire a cleaning service with handsome guys that clean in the nude, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask that they do the job they’re hired to do, with or without clothes!  Could it be you who is getting all the service rather than the house?”
Denton followed behind Dunnelly as he turned to leave the room.  “Hey, maybe you just need a little loving to get you out of that bad mood,” he said softly as he kissed Dunnelly’s neck.
The howling north wind outside the bedroom window woke him from a deep sleep the following morning.  He could hear the gentle rise and fall of Denton’s breathing as he lay asleep beside him.  Thankfully it was the weekend and his days off.  He switched on the downstairs TV as he headed into the kitchen to make coffee.  He poured his first cup of the day and headed for the computer in the den.  He had a lot of catch-up work on the computer because he was running behind both in paying bills and follow-ups from work.  He took out his laptop and set it on the edge of the desk, but he noticed the desktop was flashing signals of unopened mail.  Denton must have failed to sign out of his mail account.  Dunnelly prompted the sleeping screen to sign him out, but couldn’t help but notice that he had six new mails.  He noticed that all them were from the same she-male site sent to the in box of BIG TEX.
BIG TEX may have been a tongue in cheek clichéd euphemism but it was all too familiar to Dunnelly.  That was how Denton had signed off on all his e-mails to him when they first got together.  Hmmm…let me see what has been keeping you busy in your off hours, Dunnelly thought as he went to the first e-mail and clicked open.  ‘D… you’re still feeling it, I see,’ the first line of the message read.  ‘You lasted longer this time, was it because it had been a while or were you just taking your time?  Don’t make me wait to see you so long between visits.  You know how I want to make you feel.  I’m waiting to hear from you.  You know where to find me.  Yours alone, J/ME!’
Dunnelly logged out of the computer knowing all he needed to know.  He didn’t know who J was, and he wasn’t certain he wanted to.  Big Tex indeed, he thought, as he shook his head in disbelief.  It came as no real surprise, but only validated what he already suspected.  He was more disappointed than angry, and the loss of trust hurt more than the infidelity.
“You requested your usual room, 503…is this still acceptable for you?”
“Yes, and it’s always a pleasure to see you at the desk again,” Denton replied as he presented his American Express card.
“The pleasure is indeed mine, sir.  “Enjoy your stay, and please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable.”
Denton picked up his briefcase and headed across the lobby to the bank of elevators.
Jamie Barnes never had to deal with the stigmas that other transgender had to deal with.  Her female was nothing contrived and nothing she had to work on.  She was small in stature, with no visible Adam’s apple.  She didn’t need makeup or an exaggerated gait to be female.  The feminine part of her nature was a natural manifestation, and this butterfly was spreading her wings.  She was making fast money, and many of the wealthiest men in Dallas waited in line for her services.  Some of the men found her on stage and would slip her a fifty or hundred dollar bill, but she never took chances with new clients.  She used only the best hotels and she was well known enough that most of her clients were repeat high paying customers.  Some played rough, but they all knew her limits and would honor her boundaries.  She was good at what she did and there was no better pro in Dallas.
The doorman opened the massive glass door when he saw her approach.  “Good evening, ma’am,” he said as she walked through and greeted him with a sly smile.
She tapped on the door of 503 as Denton opened the door.  Jamie stepped inside quickly as Denton put the security lock in place.
“Big Tex, you look like you’re ready for me?  Well, let’s see if the third eye of Big Tex is ready to see me,” Jamie said as she slid down on her knees.
“Shadow of Self,” a romantic suspense/murder mystery by David Edmondson, is available from B&N, Amazon, All Romance ebooks, Kobo, Google Books, Apple, and Coffeetime Romance. Also available in print from Amazon. Our website is

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Vampire Rent Boy

Tristan didn't even understand that his current popularity was because of Twilight. He stopped reading with the advent of talkies, and he was never up to date on pop culture. Whatever the reason, business was great for a rent boy who was also immortal. His pimp, Klaus, happily booked him with the most dangerous psychopaths, because they paid obscene amounts of money to be with an unbreakable playmate. And when a client tried to break him, it was dinner time for Tristan. This all worked well until a he has run of clients too dangerous for even a Vampire. Life is suddenly terrifying for Tristan. And then he meets a client strong enough to save him – even from himself. What will that one want in return?
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“The hardest part, actually, is trying to appear excited about a St. Andrew's Cross,” Tristan said bleakly. “I mean, who hasn't been tied up on a St. Andrew's Cross?”
Tristan didn't realize that his current popularity was largely because of Twilight. He had stopped reading with the advent of talkies, and he was always behind on popular culture. On the other hand, Klaus, Tristan's manager – he hated the word pimp – loved vampire fever. Clients paid obscene amounts of money for playmates who didn't break.
Despite his immortality, some of those encounters with his clients could be incredibly difficult. Thus, like legions of courtesans – Tristan really hated the term whore or hooker – he found himself in a booth at a tavern, in this case a local waterhole called Muttley's, trying to drown his sorrows. He didn't drink, but it did help to share woes with the others in Klaus' stable.
“Yeah, a sub can't ask a Dom to kindly shove this dildo gag in your pie hole,” Keiko muttered. Then, she smiled with glee. “That's why I'm so glad I never let my clients drive!”
Keiko's smile was more chilling than lovely, even with that beautiful face. She could easily earn ten times what Tristan earned, but she refused to bottom. Tristan wondered why Klaus never forced the issue. He wouldn't stand for the rest of them having a preference for clients.
“We know what happened the last time one of them drove,” Kevin quipped over his martini.
Tristan didn't know what happened, and judging from the killing glare Keiko shot Kevin, it wouldn't be wise to ask. Tristan really wished he could have a martini. It looked so clear and crisp. It seemed to him that it should ping.
“Shut. Up. Kevin,” Keiko hissed.
“It's Miranda to you, honey.”
“Now, now,” Tristan said before Kevin could open his mouth again. “Let's not fight, okay. I get so little time to talk to anyone who gets me.”
Kevin sighed as he reached over to stroke Tristan's waist length, jet black hair.
“I really don't know why you get so glum, Trissy,” he murmured. “You've always been comfortable in you own skin.”
“You would be, too if you'd pick one,” Keiko said sweetly.
Tristan put a hand on Kevin's thigh to keep him from getting angry.
“That's not fair, Keiko,” Tristan said with a shake of his head. “It's not easy to change gender. I find that it can be done at all a marvel. Such notions would have been considered witchcraft in my day.”
“Whatever. He's not getting snipped anytime soon,” Keiko retorted. “He doesn't call himself a she. And he still uses Kevin, despite the mega tits. Do you even have a girl name?”
“I told you! Miranda!” Kevin snapped before slogging down the martini.
“It's Miranda this week!” Keiko snapped
“I need another drink.”
“Go easy on that, Kevin dear,” Tristan said then whispered. “Klaus won't like it.”
“Screw him. I'm paying for the drinks, and that's renting the booth,” he muttered before stalking to the bar.
The weight of Kevin's breasts made his gait ungainly. The F-M heels made him look like a hazard to life and limb. Tristan wondered vaguely about how Kevin walked when he was his other self. He looked over at Keiko who was watching Kevin as well.
“Don't say it,” Keiko murmured. “I know I'm being a bitch to him today. You haven't been listening to him whine for the last hour about something he can fix on his own.”
Tristan couldn't argue the point. That would involve thinking, and that would give him a headache. Instead, he looked at Klaus' resident Dominatrix expectantly.
“I'm more than over clients that get pissed when I won't let them top from below,” she said. “Trying to keep from breaking every bone in their arrogant bodies leaves me really infuriated.”
“Why do they ask for a Dominatrix then?” Tristan asked.
“Honey, if you find out, let me know,” she muttered. “Klaus should know these young guys don't want someone like me. They barely know who they are. None of them are confident enough to really bottom for a Domme.”
“Klaus likes the money,” Tristan said.
“That's very true,” she admitted. “He's send me to a gorilla cage if the gorilla had a platinum card.”
That made Tristan laugh. He finally felt like smiling.
Kevin returned by then in a far better mood. Tristan thought it may have been the new pitcher of martinis, but he was trying to get them to look at a booth across the room.
“Where has HE been all my life,” Kevin said with a waggle of his brows.
Tristan looked over to the man at the table diagonal to where they sat. He wasn't expecting much. When Kevin had that many martinis, his taste ran toward the old and strangely hairy. This man was neither. Tristan wouldn't call him classically handsome, but there was something about the square jaw and deep set dark eyes that was compelling. He was broad shouldered and the fit of his custom suit told Tristan that he was powerfully built. His posture was perfect – something odd for this casual slouchy era in time. The man looked about for the typically elusive servers for a moment or two before standing and making his way to the bar. Tristan's jaw dropped. He was really tall. Six foot six or seven if he was an inch.
“His hands and feet are really big,” Keiko observed impassively. Tristan expected an exact measure to the centimeter. “With that height, big hands...big know what that means.”
“What?” Tristan asked, genuinely confused.
“Oh, sweet mystery of life I've found you,” Kevin prompted.
“What?” Tristan gaped.
“How drunk are you?” Keiko demanded.
“He has a big dick,” Kevin declared in a voice that was four martini loud.
“That's not very lady-like,” Tristan hissed, hoping the tall stranger hadn't heard.
“You're more lady-like than he ever will be,” Keiko muttered.
Of course, the stranger looked over at them. The amused smirk revealed a deep dimple that kept him from looking smug and made him look quite charming. Something struck Tristan just then. It was a powerful spark of recognition.
“I know him,” he murmured softly. “I'm sure of it.”
Tristan wracked his brain as he looked at the man who was smiling at the bartender while his drink was poured. He looked over at Tristan when he had his drink and raised the glass to him. His expression seemed to be that of pleasant surprise.
“Oh, no you don't, Trissy,” Kevin said. “I've seen that expression before. He can't be the love of your life when you've never met him.”
Tristan was about to protest that he had met him before, but he couldn't quite place where he had seen those eyes and that smile.

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Secrets of Eros

Whether searching for a master, haunted by ghosts of lovers past, christening a friend’s new apartment, or grooming prize winning roses while being secretly seduced by a much younger man, these are men who love men, worshipers of the god Priapus, and privy to the secrets of Eros.

Dante had two loves in his life – his body and his bike, and both gave him pleasure. He had one of those male bodies that develops pretty much on its own and needs little maintenance. Most guys hated him in that respect, though what he did with his body pleased many of them.

At Chaps, a quasi-leather bar, he hoped to pick up a trick for some quick action. He was dressed to seduce in faded tight blue jeans, black boots, a leather jacket, and his trademark shades with the stems disappearing in curly black hair. That was Dante. With a bottle of beer in his hand, he would stand against the wall beside the cigarette machine, and during the course of the next fifteen minutes he would gradually unzip his jacket an inch or two at a time to reveal his perfect upper body. He had perfectly formed pectoral muscles that snaked across his upper chest dividing it into halves. Unmasked by chest hair, Dante’s muscles flowed smoothly up and down with every movement of his arms as he drank his beer. The same was true of his firm abdominals rippling beneath tight flesh. By the end of the first bottle of beer, Dante would have the jacket completely unzipped and hanging open.

Any newcomer would enjoy the view of his body, and their eyes could trace his torso from his neck to the top of his low cut blue jeans that grabbed his waist four inches below his navel. Many had silently wondered if he shaved or not, because not even the slightest strand of hair was visible as the flesh disappeared into his jeans.

With his shades on and his eyes hidden, Dante would scour the room looking for a hunk for the night. Without knowing for sure if Dante were checking them out or ignoring them, newcomers could only look in his direction and fantasize. Only when Dante had found the man for the night that appeared interesting would he wander over next to him to order his second beer from the bartender. With the open jacket as an open invitation to feel his flesh, he rarely paid for his second beer. Usually a brief conversation at the bar followed by a brief examination of mutual endowments in the men’s room, and the two would shortly disappear into the night.

While he had many friends in the bar who enjoyed watching his pick-up routine, Dante was unaware how much his performance was commented on, and even timed and wagered on. But he rarely failed to score.

Dante liked the look of the young man who wanted him tonight. Jake was in his mid-twenties, with spiked blond hair, blue eyes, the two-day-haven’t-shaved look, black dress pants, and a white dress shirt open at the neck with indications of a nice mat of chest hair barely showing. The bad boy side of him immediately had visions of the two of them together, doing anything and everything, but the nice guy side of him took control of the sex-craving side, at least until he could get him home.

“Secrets of Eros,” erotic romance by Duncan More, is available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, All Romance ebooks, and Kobo ebooks. Our website is

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Hyde's Dungeon: Unchained

Hyde’s Dungeon: Unchained
The man in charge of ‘torturing’ a dictator’s prisoners has initiated the dictator’s son to the brand of pleasure he inflicts.  Alphonse feared Hyde once, but is now his loyal submissive.  On his visit home from college he insists his master gives him one of their rapturous sessions.  Unfortunately, Hyde is scheduled to treat a prisoner to his charms that night.

He welcomes Alphonse to watch, but he must know he treats the prisoners differently than someone he loves.  Alphonse will get the rare opportunity to see his master unchained.

The Dungeon is a bizarre bastion of kindness in an otherwise ruthless world.  Hyde uses tools that are somewhat unique—tools that could be used for legitimate torture if a master so desired.

There are no paddles or whips in Hyde’s dungeon.  Hyde specializes in something far more extreme.

This sequel to Hyde’s Dungeon is also a stand-alone story!  Please support the launch of this achingly erotic new story!!  Remember—YOU CAN READ AMAZON KINDLE BOOKS ON ANY COMPUTER!!!

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Alphonse broke the padlock on the dungeon’s steel door with a bolt cutter.  It clanged open.  He passed through the anteroom directly into Hyde’s small workroom and clicked on the lights.
The hum of the fluorescents sparked a tender memory and a faint twitch in his cock.  He stood staring at the restraining bed with a smile.  Little had changed from his last visit several months ago.
It took only minutes for him to hear the thumping of feet down the stairs outside the door.  He heard Hyde utter a curse word upon seeing his padlock broken. 

Alphonse laughed softly.

“I don’t know who the fuck you are—” Hyde said while throwing the door open.  His rage dissolved into joyful surprise in an instant.  “Alphonse!”

Alphonse ran into his muscular dominant’s arms.  Hyde hugged him off his feet.

“You little wretch!” Hyde said while laughing.  “I might have killed you.”  He set him back on the floor and held him back to look him over.  “What on Earth are you doing here?  Don’t tell me you’ve quit college.”

“No, I’m just here for the weekend.  I convinced father to send the jet for me.”
Hyde smirked.  “Well, quite spoiled, aren’t you?  El Presidente’s son snaps his fingers and gets a thousand mile sojourn.”

Alphonse placed his head on Hyde’s shoulder and groaned.  “Don’t make fun.  I just finished a grueling set of midterms.  I was stressed and depressed and…”  He looked up at the older man.  “I missed you.”

Hyde’s eyes grew fond.  He glided a hand through the smooth chestnut tresses of Alphonse’s hair and then drew their mouths together.

In an instant Alphonse had the heady rush of warmth he craved.  He’d feared he was acting too forward with General Hyde.  They had no official relationship to speak of.  He’d let himself worry about Hyde growing fascinated with someone else while he was gone.  The ardent, searching kiss told him he’d been a fool.  Whatever there was between him and Hyde—it was reciprocated by both of them.

Alphonse clung to him once their moist lips parted.  “Can we have a session?”

Hyde grimaced.  “You make me despise my duties.  I have a prisoner coming in tonight.  I still have to prepare for him.”

Alphonse pouted.

Hyde caressed his cheek.  “I would so rather lavish my attentions on you, my pet.”

“May I watch?”

“Both seats in the viewing room are taken tonight,” Hyde said, tipping his nose toward the two-way mirror that took up the majority of one wall.  “This ‘prisoner’ is a return customer.  He’s actually not a prisoner at all.  He was one of your father’s favorites and was offered a large sum to participate in a show tonight.  Since the man is quite willing—your mother has asked to come and watch as well.”

Alphonse cringed.  “Mother watches this stuff?”

“Only when she’s sure the prisoners are consenting.  She’s a bit smitten with me.”

A dent formed between his brows.  “Have you been intimate with her also?”

“Once or twice,” Hyde said softly, “when your father’s in the mood to share.”

Alphonse shook his head.  “My word.”  He thought back to official functions he was forced to attend as a youth.  He was put into an uncomfortable tuxedo and bored by the stuffy adults who were trying to curry favor with his father.  His mother was often standing with Hyde and few others from the inner circle.  Alphonse recalls her laugh cascading through the ballroom after Hyde leaned close to whisper to her.  He should have wondered why his father was never jealous of Hyde.  Even as a child he’d noticed how his mother’s eyes sparkled around him.

He broke from Hyde to glide his hand over the neatly made bed.  “I still want to watch.  I’ll ache to know you’re having a session down here…one I can’t even take part in vicariously.”
Hyde considered with a hand to his regal chin.  “Hmm.  There’s a way.  It would need quite a bit of set-up and I haven’t much time.”

Alphonse gave him a hopeful look.

“I had a closed circuit camera set up for your father once.  He wished to watch the prisoners from his bedroom.  In time he tired of this and came to prefer watching them through the window—where he could hear their cries and smell the fear in their sweat.  The equipment is in storage.  I’m sure I could have it set up in the corner.”

Alphonse’s eyes widened.  “Could I watch on the TV in my bedroom?”

Hyde nodded.

He became plaintive.  “Oh, please, Hyde?”

Hyde took a step toward him and shoved him back on the bed.  He grabbed Alphonse’s crotch.  The younger man lay back with his thighs obediently parted.

“You want to watch me in private?” he said while firmly groping.  “So you can yank your swollen cock?”

Alphonse wet his lips and nodded.  His cock began to thicken from the deft hand working it.

Hyde released him.  “No.  I forbid it.”

Alphonse gave a dismayed whine.

“You are to watch naked on your bed, with lubricant nearby, and you’re not to touch yourself.”
Alphonse’s brow rose.

“As soon as I’m done with the ‘prisoner’ I’m coming up to fuck you senseless.  That’s the price of admission to this show.”

Alphonse grinned.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Hey, Joe by KC Kendricks

A vignette of contemporary gay romance

New York City detective Joe Hamilton lives a double life as an undercover operative. When a case takes an unexpected turn, Joe finds himself separated from his partner. He scribbles a cryptic message in a birthday card and drops it in the mailbox.

Riley O’Shea kissed his partner goodbye at the beginning of a normal day only to have Joe disappear without a word. Riley’s worried but after a greeting card arrives with a date and flight number inside, Riley claims the ticket and boards a plane to Chicago. It’s the only way to get the answers he needs – and lots of reunion sex.


Joe’s eyes glittered in the dim light of the interior of the limo. “Let me give you something that will help you understand.”
He slid his soft lips down over my stiff dick. The searing heat of his mouth ripped a moan from me. Jolt after wonderful jolt of arousal swept me up into a sparkling darkness as his lips and hand worked in unison. My balls tingled and tightened – and my fiend of a lover stopped. I howled my frustration.
“Don’t leave me hanging!”
“We’re at the hotel.”
“What? Where?” I didn’t have enough blood in my brain to process what he was saying.
“Riley, pull up your jeans so we can get out of the car.”
There was a discreet tap on the car window. I yanked my pants into place and ran my fingers through my hair. It probably didn’t do any good. Joe tapped on the window and the door opened. He grabbed my bag and climbed out. Once on his feet, Joe held his hand out to me.
“C’mon. Archie will be back tomorrow to get us.”
I shook the hand a grinning Archie offered me. “Did you get this thing out of the impound yard?”
He winked at me. Of course, he was gay and he knew exactly what we were doing in the back while he drove.
“Yep. Joe wanted a nice ride for you and I had the keys.”
It was permission I worried about, but why shake that tree? I glanced around the parking garage. We were obviously underground which brought the uncomfortable awareness of how cautious Joe needed to be. He slipped his arm around my waist and guided me toward the elevator.
“You’ve got that look on your face, Riley. And it’s not the one that suggests you’ll give me some head in the elevator.”
“Get a grip on yourself, Joe.”
He chuckled as we stepped into the lift. I was closest to the control pad and he told me to push eighteen.
Huh. One floor below the penthouse. I didn’t want to know how much this night would cost. It was worth any price.
The elevator doors closed and quick as lightning Joe pinned me in the corner beneath the camera. I was sure the fisheye lens could still record us but I didn’t care. Let the security personnel be amused or disgusted. Joe was kissing me and nothing else mattered. I levered forward and spun him around and I thrust my tongue deep into his mouth.
His silky tongue slid over mine. The arousal that had banked down to a low simmer in my groin flashed hot and spread… 

Hey, Joe is available now at Amazon.

For more information, please visit the author's website at 

KC Kendricks

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Legend of Kwamie and Kitru

Uninterested in the mating ritual of his people, Amu dreams of causing male screams of passion, and he confides in Owa, the young tribal storyteller, his desire of being in another man’s arms and kissing his lips. Discovering one night that Owa is a follower of the white fluid, Amu’s passion is ignited, but both men know they must hide it from their fellow tribesmen, lest they suffer the same fate as Kwamie and Kitru, fellow swallowers of the snake.

Before dawn broke from somewhere in the Land of the Coming Sun, Amu and Owa awoke. Owa knew he had to leave first to return to the village. They dare not return together, lest someone figure out what had transpired between them. Violating the taboo of two men together the way they had been would have meant exile to a deserted isle several hours away where they would most likely perish.
Amu returned to the village a short while later, immediately grabbed his fishing net and spear, and like most of the men, he was whistling and humming and extremely happy for the first time in his life, though obviously for a different reason than the other men. He listened to the men brag of their first night with a new partner, how they did it, and how they made their women scream in ecstasy, and how many times they did it.
On the third night of mating, Owa mentioned that he was especially hungry for some fruit and was going to the forest to find some. He looked at Amu as if extending an invitation to join him before taking the trail out of the village that led to the trees where they had enjoyed their first encounter. Amu was in turmoil. He so wanted to follow but knew they were violating a taboo. He watched as Owa departed. He bedded down in the long hut and tried vainly to sleep, but the thoughts and feelings of their first encounter kept his mind active.
He rose and silently took the path into the forest, tripping now and then in the near total darkness over roots and vines that clogged the path.
“I was hoping you would come,” Owa whispered as he heard the sounds of dried branches cracking under Amu’s feet and saw by starlight the figure finally draw near.
“I couldn’t sleep.”
Owa extended his hand to Amu. Amu grabbed it, interlaced their fingers, and let Owa draw him close. Lips found lips, and all the senses except sight came into play. The heat from bodies pressing close together, the taste of each other’s mouth, the smell of each other’s skin – all were heightened by the darkness.
“Teach me how to please you the way you pleased me,” Amu said.
“Are you sure?”
“Then do what I do.”
Owa began his seduction of Amu, and Amu reciprocated, eager to please his new lover.
“The Legend of Kwamie and Kitru,” erotic romance by Duncan More, is available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, All Romance ebooks, Kobo ebooks, and Coffeetime Romance. Our website is

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25% Off Sale At Phaze Books and Mundania Press

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Escape from Dolphin Street

Jason dreams of skateboarding away from his dead-end life in suburbia and being with Adam, the punk he has a crush on. Jason wishes he could overcome his weakness, stand up to his bullies, and be himself. He knows Adam could show him confidence, give him courage, and make him strong if he dared to cross the line.

When his only friends, Kelly and Tanya, decide to leave, Jason jumps at the chance to go. On the streets, they encounter a viciously twisted gang led by Liev, a pseudo skin, and consisting of his followers: strange Knappy with his blue lightning stun gun, butch Hex along with her fire brand Syd, and a hulking, mute giant simply called Hound. Fortunately, Adam comes to their aide, but can he be trusted, or is he one of the gang? Jason must choose between safety for his friends and his desire for Adam as they are hunted down.

Amidst the chaos, Jason is drawn to where Adam is from, the dark world of Dolphin Street, an abandoned area where street punks go. It’s a place of sharks and dolphins, predators and prey, where there are no rules. It’s a place he may never escape, or if he does, be forever changed.

Jason cleared his throat and said, “I’m here.”

Adam appeared out of the shadows naked and he wasn’t shy about it. “Take your clothes off and get over here.”

“Really, I can’t believe…” Jason gave up mid sentence, took off his shirt and kicked off his shoes.

Adam slunk back into shadow. Jason followed, sliding out of his jeans as he did. The tile floor was cool on his bare feet. A shaft of grey light hit the center of the bathroom. There was no shower curtain. A cold mist came from the nozzle.

Jason stared at Adam’s body and felt self-conscious of his own. “It’s cold.”

“I said get over here.”

Jason stepped across the room towards his fantasy come to life. Adam, the way he had dreamed about him in the dead of night in suburbia, was there in the flesh. His fear didn’t abate his excitement towards Adam’s hard and lean body. The kiss in the car, the wordless naked foreplay, all of it was overwhelming his senses. Jason reached out with a shaky hand and touched Adam’s chest. He slid his fingers down, grazing a nipple. Further down, he felt Adam’s abdomen and the trail of hair that led to his desire.

Before he could touch it, Adam grabbed his hand and pulled him around roughly. Jason felt the grip on his arm and the pressure and warmth of the front of Adam’s body against the back of his. Without a word he was guided by Adam’s legs to step into the tub and into the cold running water. Jason was engulfed in the spray. He dared not move in fear the moment may pass if he did. Adam kept the grip on him, one muscular arm wrapped tightly around while the other free hand washed him. Jason was too excited to feel embarrassed. The full pressure of flesh to flesh returned. Jason wanted to say something and was stopped by a hand to the back of the head pushing his face against the tile. Then it happened.

“Escape from Dolphin Street,” gay romance by David Sharp, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Amazon, B&N, Kobo, All Romance ebooks, and Coffeetime Romance.  Our website is