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Coming out has never been so good...

Billionaire Alex Roman needs a bodyguard. His best friend, Jesse Emerson, an ex-Security Forces Specialist, needs a job. What could possibly go wrong? 

Jesse thinks protecting Alex will be a piece of cake. He’ll get to spend quality time with his oldest friend while avoiding his ex-girlfriend. Of course, nothing ever goes as planned. Why would Alex introduce him to everyone as his lover? And why didn’t Alex tell him about the threatening notes he’s been receiving for months? 

Alex has been in love with Jesse for years, not that he’d ever admit it to his best friend, but he’s not above making a practical joke out of it. Telling everyone that Jesse is his boyfriend will go a long way toward relieving the stress of the threats he’s been plagued with recently. Unfortunately, when someone tries to shoot him at a charity gala, he discovers that maybe he needs Jesse’s skills more than he realized... 

…because sometimes a billionaire’s best friend is the fake boyfriend who’s really his bodyguard. 
Be Warned: m/m sex
“You are not going to talk to the police again,” Jesse said firmly. “You’re going to let your lawyers deal with them.”

“Not a problem.” Alex laughed shortly and tipped his head back against the back of the seat. The limo slowly weaved between traffic, much later than he’d wanted to be getting home. The lights of the other cars flashed against his eyes, making him feel like he was stuck in an endless film noir. Across from him, Jesse checked his weapons, again, settling his underarm holster more firmly against his side. “I gave them a statement. That’s enough,” Alex murmured tiredly.

“That detective was such a dick.” Jesse rubbed his eyes. “What the hell was his problem?”

“He thought we were lovers.”

“That does not make me any less angry, Alex,” Jesse said, glaring out the window.

Alex shook his head. “You know how people are. I’m wealthy. He thinks that makes me a jerk. And he doesn’t like the idea that maybe I like taking it up the ass.” He rolled his shoulders, trying to ease the tension that had taken up residence in his spine. “It doesn’t matter. The police won’t find anything, anyway.”

“Jesus.” Jesse sighed and slumped down in the leather seat. “What the hell is going on, Alex? Those notes aren’t as innocuous as they seem.”

Alex watched Jesse, knowing he was right. He nudged Jesse’s foot with his toe. “Hey. You did all you could. You saved my life. Thank you.”

Jesse gave him a look.

“Don’t do that.” Alex leaned forward. “I would be dead if you hadn’t been there.”

Jesse clenched his fists. “Yeah. That’s why I’m so fucking upset, Alex. What if I hadn’t been there? It’s pure luck that I showed up at your door.” He shook his head. “I’m not leaving your side until this is resolved.”

Alex couldn’t control the tiny surge of joy that welled up inside him. “Um, that might get a bit awkward. Especially when I have to use the toilet.”

Jesse glared at him. “Someone’s trying to kill you and you’re making jokes.”

“What else can I do right now?” Alex asked, reasonably.

Jesse’s face tightened. “Shut up. Please, just… Be quiet for a minute, Alex.”

Alex watched his friend for a long moment. He knew Jesse better than anyone else in his life, and his friend was not happy right now. “I’m okay, Jesse. I’m alive.”


Alex pursed his lips, then he slid to his knees on the floor. He put a hand on Jesse’s right knee.

“What the hell are you doing?” Jesse asked, going rigid.

“What I should have done years ago,” Alex murmured, sliding his fingers up to his friend’s crotch. Jesse’s cock was hard.

“Fuck!” The word exploded out of Jesse as Alex cupped his erection.

“Relax. I’m not going to hurt you,” Alex murmured, running a finger along the firm length.

Jesse gave a strangled groan. “This is crazy.”

Alex looked up at him, hand going still. “That kiss was crazy.”

Jesse didn’t look away. “I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I don’t know what the fuck you’re doing.”

Alex liked the way his friend didn’t deny what had happened. “I know. I don’t either,” he finally whispered, leaning closer. He put his cheek on Jesse’s thigh. It was warm and hard and shook just the tiniest bit. He wanted to bite it.

“Alex, I’m not gay. I’m not even bi,” Jesse ground out.

Alex had to laugh at that one. “Aren’t you?” He leaned back, then deliberately cupped Jesse’s prick, holding his friend’s gaze the entire time. Jesse’s blue eyes were dilated. “Then why are you so hard?”

Jesse swallowed. “I don’t know.”

Alex deliberately undid the button of Jesse’s pants, then slid the zipper down. Jesse’s cock pushed against his boxer-briefs, hot and sure. “Tell me to stop, and I will.”

Jesse’s entire body shuddered. “God, Alex…” he trailed off when Alex leaned closer and put his mouth over the head of his dick, breathing through the cotton. “Fuck!”

Alex grinned against the fabric, enjoying the musky scent of his friend. He rubbed his face against the hard length, then slowly peeled the fabric down until Jesse’s prick was exposed. As he stared at the deep ruby crown, moisture slid from the tiny slit. He licked his lips. Jesse’s thighs were iron-hard beneath his forearms.

“Do it,” Jesse said roughly. “Put me in your mouth.”

Alex glanced up. Jesse’s eyes glittered in the low light of the car. When the car drove over a pothole, Jesse’s erection bumped his chin.

“Jesus, Alex,” Jesse muttered, head going back as his eyes closed.

Alex couldn’t resist any longer. He didn’t want to resist. He leaned in and sucked the tip between his lips, playing his tongue across the smooth skin. Jesse moaned and Alex slid his hand around the hard length, holding it steady. He put his other hand on his own erection, pressing hard enough to hurt. He didn’t want to come in his pants like a teenager, but the sight of Jesse so messed up had him closer to orgasm than he’d realized. Jesse moaned again and Alex swirled his tongue faster, then sank down, opening wide. He stopped and sucked, then lightly scraped his teeth over the sensitive skin. He wanted to blow Jesse’s mind.

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Love in Dark Settings Press: September 2014 e-books, free fiction, bestsellers, and news

Historical speculative fiction and suspenseful lgbtq novels. All e-books are DRM-free; new e-books and reissues are multiformat.

NEW BOOK BUNDLE: Mercy's Prisoner (Volume 1 of Life Prison)

Mercy's Prisoner

"'You have committed a vile and savage act, one that any other nation would punish with death. Our punishment, on the other hand, will only be to give you what you want. You have sought to live in a world without boundaries of civilization, and such a world shall henceforth be your dwelling place.'"

A cold-hearted murderer. A vicious abuser. A young man hiding a shameful secret. A bewildered immigrant. A pure-minded spy.

All of these men have found their appointed places at Mercy Life Prison, where it is easy to tell who your enemies are. But a new visitor to Mercy is about to challenge decades-old customs. Now these men's worst enemies may be hiding behind masks . . . and so may their closest allies.

"Mercy's Prisoner" can be read on its own or as the second volume in the Life Prison series. Friendship, desire between men, and the costs of corruption and integrity are examined in this multicultural speculative fiction series, which is inspired by prison life at the end of the nineteenth century.


Life Prison. In the unmerciful world of Mercy Prison, there is no rule but unending pain. For Merrick, the arrival of his new guard provides hope that he may break beyond the boundaries of his life prison. But appearances can be deceptive, and Merrick does not yet recognize the danger this guard poses to his future.

Men and Lads. Two guards. Two prisoners. A multitude of problems.

Milord. He was the model prisoner, respectful to his guards and loyal to his fellow prisoners. What no one knew was that he held the key to destruction.

Isolation. Being locked in a prison cell can cause a man to re-examine his priorities. Especially when the door never opens.

Curious. His job is to guard the prisoners. But against what?

Mercy's Prisoner: Epilogue.

Mercy's Prisoner: Historical Note.

Tags: romance, friendship, comradeship, bisexual and gay characters, asexual and celibate characters, bdsm characters (in one story), multicultural characters, prisoners, guards, wardens, rebels, spies.


I had trouble sleeping that night. I don't know why; sleep had always been my one blessing at Mercy, transporting me back to the pleasant days preceding my arrest. I usually woke with a smile on my face. But tonight, tired though I was, I found myself staring up at the ceiling, hour after tedious hour, wishing there were cracks there that I could count.

Some of the prisoners had started a debate the previous year over what was most painful about Mercy. Was it the separation from family and friends? The beatings? The humiliations? The backbreaking work? The rapes? The list went on and on.

I hadn't participated in the debate, which, like all such conversations, had taken the form of shouts exchanged between the cells. There was a reason I'd been granted the luxury of a single-man cell: my last three cellmates had been prepared to murder me rather than live another moment with me. Since the death of a prisoner was not, alas, one of the many pains permitted at a life prison, Mercy's Keeper had finally dealt with the problem by giving me a cell of my own – which, of course, had been my plan all along. It was irritating to have to endure being strangled three times in order to achieve what I wanted.

Particularly since I couldn't hope that the stranglings would be successful.

Though I had no desire to become chummy with the bog-scum who inhabited this place, my own unspoken contribution to the debate was that boredom was the greatest pain. Boredom didn't come often – most days after work I was barely awake enough to do whatever my present guard required of me – but when it occurred, it was excruciating, like being flayed slowly by a dagger. I often thought that, if I were ever broken into madness, it would be through such a spell of boredom.

I say all this to explain why, when I heard the cell door being opened at lamp-lighting time, my first thought was not (as one might expect), "Oh, no, not again," but rather, "Thank the gods, something new." I rolled over onto my stomach and raised my head to look.

He was a slightly built man; I could see that at once from the outline of his shape against the fire in the pit. With my eyes still dazzled by the newly lit lamps, I couldn't immediately make out the man's face, but I could see one of his hands, gripping hard the hilt of his dagger. That grip stopped my heart for a moment, but even my wildest imagination couldn't hope that the new guard would start our acquaintance by stabbing me, so I raised my eyes to his face.

And my heart stopped once more. I jerked upright in bed, twinging an old hip wound as I did so. I had been rather foolish during my first year, testing the guards in various ways. I winced.

The guard said softly, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you."

"Not at all," I said through gritted teeth as I rubbed my hip. "I'll return the favor when I can."

It took no artifice on my part to sound annoyed, though the annoyance was aimed solely at myself. This was not the guard I had been preparing myself for. I had expected a rod-mutilating monster, and what I found myself faced with was a young man.

His face came full into the light as he stepped forward. Wearing the uniform of a Compassion guard, he looked even more like his father: he had the same thin lips and the same straight eyebrows. But the eyes were empty of all coldness – indeed, of all expression of any sort – and there was no smile on his lips, cruel or otherwise.

"My name is Thomas," he said. "I'm your new guard."

I noted the use of his given name rather than his paternal name, and with the instinct of a veteran fighter I dropped and made my attack accordingly. "Ah, yes," I said. "The son of Compassion's Keeper. I can expect great deeds from you, I'm sure."

His lips grew even thinner, but that was all; it seemed that he was well used to this mode of attack. He said, as though I had not spoken, "My job is to provide service to you during your stay at this prison, and to make your stay as comfortable as is possible under your circumstances. If you have any needs, I hope you will let me know of them."

I stared at him open-mouthed for a moment, and then I gave a hoot of laughter that resounded through the entire level. The early-morning conversations across the fire-pit paused briefly, and Sedgewick, who was passing my cell, glanced in with narrowed eyes before continuing on.

"Let me – let me understand you correctly," I said, struggling to gain control of myself. "You'll give me any service I want?"

"Any service that is in accordance with the rules of your stay."

"But the only rule is that I should not be permitted escape, either through death or any other means. So you'll give me anything else?"

"If it's within reason, yes."

"Anything at all?"

"Tell me what you want, and I'll be able to give you a firm answer." His patience, I saw with delight, was wearing down.

"Fine," I said, leaning back and pulling off the blanket to reveal my body underneath. I had given up wearing clothes at bedtime several guards before. "I want you to come over here and service me on your knees."

Available as a multiformat e-book (epub, html, mobi/Kindle, pdf, doc): Mercy's Prisoner.



A Sexual Minority Speaks Out (Rebels). "I am an adult male belonging to a rare minority group that is called, in layman's language, Plain Vanilla Straight. I have had these sexual desires for as long as I can remember. . ."

For adult readers. Tags: contemporary satire, heterosexual characters, far-from-straight characters, business people, police, church folk, psychology.


Click on the covers for more information. Spy Hill, First Time, In Training, and As a Seeker are also recently reissued in multiformat.

Spy HillMen and LadsTrialCell-matesLost HavenRe-creationThe BreakingLove and BetrayalFirst TimeIn TrainingAs a SeekerBarbariansHiddenBondsSearching


"Really well written, sexy and intelligent." —Amazon (Jason Lawrence) [review to an out-of-print edition] on Transformation (The Eternal Dungeon).

"This story is set in a prison where the jailers are psychologists who use any means necessary to get to the truth of the crime. Most times torture works. Sometimes friendship works." —Goodreads (Rachael) on The Breaking (The Eternal Dungeon).

"The world-building – especially all the detail given about the Eternal Dungeon, and hints about the world abroad – are incredibly interesting.. . . The 'romance' is really only hinted at towards the end, which seems to imply another installment might continue on the theme (or revisit the characters) . . .  For myself, it was just fine, as I think throwing in a romantic arc would have dampened what made the story so interesting in the first place." —Goodreads (Devon) on The Breaking (The Eternal Dungeon).

"I'm really glad I got to read it. It's pretty special." —All Romance eBooks (Lulubizou) on The Breaking (The Eternal Dungeon).

"More to the story than you'd expect . . . very engaging." —Amazon (EMH) on The Breaking (The Eternal Dungeon).

"I wish I could purchase the rest of this series now. If they are as compelling as this one I wouldn't come up for air until I had read each one." —Barnes & Noble (customer review) on The Breaking (The Eternal Dungeon).


I've done a bit of shuffling of my fiction series in order to better group together similar series. The Three Lands, Princeling, and Darkling Plain are now all part of Yes, My Liege, a cycle of fantasy novels about the bonds of affection in service, friendship, and romance.


Those of you who prefer to shop by book cover at Amazon may be interested in my new Amazon storefront, where my Kindle e-books are divided by series. I was able to build this nifty storefront as a result of becoming an Amazon Associate.

(And no, this doesn't mean that I've gone over to the Dark Side. My e-books are still available at other stores.)


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I've added new items to the tags page:

* female homoromantic love, female romantic friendship, and female classical friendship.
* service love (lord/liegeman, master/servant, etc.).
* polyamory and multiple partners (in romantic friendship, romance, or just plain sex).

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New Release...New Series!

Stryker has been looking forward to finding his fated mate for decades, but from the start, nothing goes as he’d dreamed. His mate refuses to even meet him, denying the mate bond without giving him a chance and actually running away to avoid hearing the vampire’s pleas. 
Joseph sees humans who throw themselves at vampires as weak and stupid, and he has no intention of giving up his free will simply because a vampire orders him to. His heart has been through enough without being forced to pretend he loves someone, so he flees. He wants true love and sees no logic in trusting fate to simply drop the real thing right into his lap. 
But Stryker refuses to give up and pursues his mate, prepared to do anything to make Joseph see what he’s really running away from.
Be Warned: m/m sex

“Perhaps the gypsies have some herbs that would help your eye,” Joseph said.
“It’s fine. I have periods like this when the sensitivity persists.”
Joseph didn’t seem convinced, fixing his gaze on Stryker. “You said just last night that you’re glad to have my friendship. The nagging comes with the friendship.”
“Nagging?” Stryker said with a laugh.
A grin spread over Joseph’s face, and his eyes sparkled with humor. “Yes. My family’s specialty.”
Stryker laughed again. He’d told Joseph he valued his friendship to stop other words, more seductive words, from coming out. Love hadn’t grown in his heart, not yet, but he’d never felt this close to anyone else, aside from his brothers. He’d cared for all of his lovers, but he’d never been able to talk with them the way he could with Joseph. Stryker often found himself too busy for friendships, and for now, he felt content.
“It doesn’t bother me. I just don’t want you to worry.”
“I’m a worrier sometimes.” Joseph shrugged. “Can’t help it.”
“One of the many flaws you claim to have,” Stryker said as he handed the reins to Joseph so he could stretch his arms and rub his shoulders.
“I do that?” Joseph sounded surprised, his voice rising as he asked the question.
“Yes.” Stryker extended his right arm and worked his shoulder muscles, then let his arm rest on the seat back, a few inches behind Joseph. “You’re hard on yourself. As if you’ve been put down a lot by someone,” he added in a softer voice.
Joseph’s expression clouded a bit, and he rubbed the reins with his thumb. “Edward … he was just like that,” Joseph said in a rush of words, as if uncomfortable. “Critical of everyone. No one ever did anything right.”
“The bad relationship?”
Joseph nodded. “He’s not worth talking about.”
“I’ve had a few of those relationships.”
They rode on in silence for a while. Stryker wondered if he was only imagining the tension between them. They stopped at a watering station, and Stryker pumped out water for the horses while Joseph went into the woods to relieve himself. As they were readying to leave, Joseph slipped trying to get back onto the seat, and Stryker caught him and pulled him up. Joseph’s body slammed against his, and Joseph gripped him tight, his eyes wide with startlement.
“You all right?” Stryker said, not wanting to let his mate move away.
“Yeah. Glad you caught me.” Joseph took a few deep breaths, closing his eyes a moment.
“I am, too,” Stryker said softly. “Very glad.”
Joseph opened his eyes, and the need in them was blatant. Stryker ignored the warning bells in his head and closed the distance. Their lips met softly, and Joseph deepened the kiss first. Stryker drew him closer and let his mate do as he pleased. Joseph explored his mouth with a slow curiosity that made Stryker shiver. Their tongues danced against each other, and Stryker fought hard to keep his fangs from descending. Joseph ran one hand into Stryker’s hair and tilted his head to delve deeper. Stryker moaned and tried to draw back, worrying he’d give his secret away. Joseph wouldn’t let him. He took Stryker’s head in both hands and kept kissing him, changing the angle and nipping at Stryker’s lips. When he actually sucked Stryker’s lower lip into his mouth, Stryker used a measure of his superior strength to free himself. If they kept going, he’d bite Joseph, and then there’d be lots of explaining to do.

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Phaze Books 99 Cent Sale at Amazon

All this week Phaze Books has select LGBT romances on sale at Amazon for under a dollar each! This is a great time to fill your Kindle with stories by your favorite Phaze authors, including:

A Knight at the Speedway by Jaxx Steele (M/M) - Professional motorcyclist Khristopher Knight's greatest day comes when he qualifies to race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, until he realizes he has no one with whom to share the moment. Artis Kent has not seen Kris since college. With his race ticket in hand, he has the chance to meet the riders and maybe open the lines of communication again.

A Knight's Tale by Jade Falconer (M/M) - When young Lord Thomas' father is killed, the King sends a band of knights, led by handsome Sir Henry, to protect the lands over Lord Thomas' objections. Though their love is forbidden, over time, they cannot deny how they yearn for each other.

A Magical Story by Shayne Carmichael (M/M) - In less than one match, Hawk finds his life completely changed, and he now belongs to the wizard, Brael. Regardless of the fact Hawk has adored Brael since his youth, he's now a grown man and things are different. But are they really?

Truth or Dare by Leigh Ellwood (Bi M/F) - Rock legend Brady Garriston finds his muse in the lovely and uninhibited school teacher Ellie Shaw, and soon the two are making more than just beautiful music together. But will Brady's deception bring on a sour note to their relationship? And what of the secret Ellie is keeping from Brady?

Limited time only!

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New Release: DARK RIDER by Elizabeth Monvey

When Lord Hark is stabbed, his uncle, the Governor of Eyvindar, hires a Mercenary to protect his heir. Hark resents having a babysitter, but when he meets Cax he’s unprepared for the spark of attraction between them.

Cax is a Mercenary, living by the code of his Guild. He is hired to protect Hark, even though it seems Hark’s biggest enemy is himself as he drowns in moon-ivy wine every day. But Cax can’t deny his attraction to the warrior, nor can he deny his attraction to Hark’s loyal servant, Alisander.

Alisander has been by Hark’s side almost his whole life. He is in love with Hark, pining over the impossibility of their relationship, but when he meets Cax he sees a future away from the servant life he’s been confined to—and even more than that in the Mercenary’s arms. 

They are all three from different walks of life but manage to find love. Yet they need to discover the truth of the threat closing in on Hark, before it’s too late.
Be Warned: menage sex (MMM), m/m sex, rimming

“If you keep staring at me,” Cax muttered to him, “I’m going to have to hurt you.”
Alisander grinned. “New to Eyvindar, eh?”
“Does it matter if I am?”
“Passing through?”
Cax finished his drink and rose from the bar. "Poro," he called out, ignoring Alisander. "I'll take a room for the night."
The barkeep came over and held out his hand for the coin, which Cax gave him without counting. He figured it was enough when Poro beamed and gave him a quick nod. "Don't worry about a thing, Cax. You come back when you want. The room is waiting for you." He jerked his head to a corner. "Up the stairs, first door on the right."
Cax's fist bounced on the bar once to seal the bargain, and then he turned and started out. To his annoyance, the redhead was right on his heel. Even though he felt wildly attracted to him, for some unknown reason, the last thing he wanted to do get involved with someone while on a mission, and especially with someone so young.
"Why are you following me?" he asked over his shoulder.
"I'm just walking myself out as well," Alisander nimbly replied.
"Then, when we reach outside I expect you to go your way and I shall go mine."
"Unless your way and my way happen to be the same way."
Cax growled under his breath, and when they did indeed emerge onto Winemaker Row, in the blink of an eye, he had Alisander backed against the wall, his hands held prisoner within his own and thrust above his head. The position was meant to put him at a disadvantage, but Cax instantly saw his mistake. Without realizing it, he’d brought their bodies flush up against each other, and he couldn’t help but grind his pelvis into the younger man, making sure he felt his hard cock so he’d know exactly what he was dealing with.
“Shush,” Cax ordered, leaning forward a little to get a sniff of his scent. There was something sweet and intoxicating, and Cax couldn’t help but moan at the aroma. He had the urge to bite, to take, and that was something he’d never experienced before.
“Cax?” Alisander asked a bit breathlessly.
“Who are you?”

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Phobos Nocturne

The beautiful naked bodies of the magnificent Seschol were a sight to behold, and setting foot on a new and inhabited planet, the planet of our ancestors, was exhilarating. At times I seemed to have memories I could not possibly have had, and in my heart, I knew that I was as much Seschol as human. Knowing that catastrophe had hit their beautiful green planet was heartbreaking, and we could feel their pain. It was visible in their eyes, and we were determined to help them.

Kevin and I were standing in a very comfortable lounge area stark naked in front of three Seschol. One, who I assumed to be Eo'hala, noticed our embarrassment.

“My apologies. We didn't mean to embarrass you. We will disrobe. I'm impressed with your knowledge of us, but what is Phobos? Is that a place your people have settled on Oolia?”

“No, Phobos is one of Oolia's small moons.”

The Seschol were crestfallen. “Oolia, as we knew it, had no moons. It would appear that catastrophe did hit our beautiful green planet.”

We could feel their pain, visible in their eyes. Without thinking, I spontaneously gave Eo'hala a hug. He was surprised, but hugged me back. “I'm sorry, Eo'hala. I didn't mean to take liberties, but you looked like someone in need of a hug.”

“You needn't apologize, Kyle. Affection is important in our culture, but then, I guess you knew that. Would you like to meet some of our people? I know they'd like to meet you.”

“We would indeed. Where should we go?”

I was thinking about their beautiful naked bodies as we walked. The truth was that neither of us was sleepy. When we got down to our section, which was largely unoccupied, I asked them if they would like to stay on the base or go back to their ship.

“We'd like to stay here, if it isn't too much trouble. We only need one room.”

“No trouble at all. We have a two room suite, but only use half of it. You are most welcome to stay with us. Here we are. Please come in.”

I showed them in, pointing out the fully equipped bathroom complete with a large Jacuzzi.

“Ahh, a therapy pool. How inviting. Would you like to join us?”

Would we ever! “That sounds cool.” We undressed hurriedly, but still not as fast as they did. When we went into their room, they were already nude and getting into the Jacuzzi. This really was going to be so cool!

They sat so that we had to sit between them. As I sat, Eo'hala pulled me towards him as Torcano and Lu'opa pulled Kevin to them. We kissed deeply, and ran our hands over each other's bodies. It was wonderful being with these very sexual creatures. I lost track of who was with whom. Finally, we had to call it a night. We went in to shower, and our new friends joined us. But it wasn't over quite yet. They joined us in bed.

Cuddling between two warm bodies was the perfect end to a perfect day, and I dropped off to sleep almost immediately.


As soon as we entered the medical section and saw the body, I knew. Darhuth was the base designer and a major Seschol scientist. He had been dressed in a lightweight dark blue silk-like fabric jumper with a gold band at the sleeves and collar. I just stood there looking at the magnificent Seschol man. To our eyes, he was absolutely beautiful and in an amazing state of preservation. I leaned over the body, touching my forehead to his as a sign of respect. I felt as if I knew him. “This was a great man, much respected and loved by all Seschol. He was a scientist and the chief designer of this base. The Seschol had to evacuate before they could complete his funeral Sending. We have to do that for him now. We simply must!”

“Will everyone please gather around and join hands? This is the body of Darhuth, one of the greatest men of science in Oolian history, and a great humanitarian. He devoted the latter part of his life in the attempt to unify all Seschol and heal the divide between the Elgorath and Cofands. In this, he failed, but his greatness was undiminished.”

Leaning over, I once again touched my forehead to his. “Darhuth, I never knew you, but in a sense I did. Your kindness, compassion and leadership are missed. You were dearly loved by your people. May you now take your rightful place in the cosmos.”

Later, back in our quarters, Kevin held me close as he kissed me. “Don't take this the wrong way, honey, but I know you feel a connection to Darhuth, knowing what a sexual creature he was.”

“Phobos Nocturne,” science fiction romance by Kiel Bei, the author of “Stolen Paradise,” is available from Apple, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Google Books, All Romance ebooks, and Kobo. Available in print from Amazon. Our website is

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Pulled by "Irresistible Forces" by EM Lynley #military #gay

Coming soon: UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER -- m/m Military Bundle with 16 novellas by 16 top-selling m/m authors. 99 cents for a limited time only. 

Pre-order for Oct 13 release.

Amazon  (also available in UK, CA, FR, DE, JP, AU, and just about everywhere)
All Romance E-books

EXCERPT FROM "Irresistible Forces" by EM Lynley

Army Ranger Logan Flynn thought getting captured by Taliban was the worst thing that could happen, until his old Ranger School crush Brody Mitchell is part of the team tasked to retrieve him. Long-suppressed emotions resurface post-DADT, until something worse from Logan’s past threatens to derail their chances for a lasting relationship.

Logan Flynn was near the end of the row between two empty beds. Even in partial profile, Brody recognized him. Even forty pounds lighter and with a dark shaggy beard against pale skin. Propped up with some pillows, he had his left arm in a sling.

He used to know every inch and contour of Logan Flynn’s body. Not from the kind of intimacy he might have wanted but because they had spent so much time together. In the barracks, the inevitable communal showers, and the long days and short nights that practically defined Ranger School.

How could Brody not have known him instantly even in that filthy Afghan hut?

The hospital gown was loose across his shoulders. Shoulders Brody remembered as broad and muscular. Shoulders Brody fell asleep dreaming about touching and kissing and…

Seeing him again brought back a rush of emotions Brody thought he was finished with but he’d been mistaken. Maybe it’s been too long for a simple conversation to hurt anymore.

He swallowed and tentatively made his way to Logan Flynn’s bed.

Or maybe not.

Logan didn’t see or hear him approach, even as Brody stood at the foot of his bed. Close up, Flynn looked to be in even worse shape, in the bright unforgiving light of the hospital.


No response.

“Logan. It’s….”

Logan turned toward Brody, looking through him at first, then his eyes focused.

“Brody?” The hoarse whisper sent daggers through every nerve in Brody’s body. So familiar, yet so full of pain it hurt to hear him.


“Hey.” Finally, Logan smiled. It took a moment for the obvious gladness to make its way from his mouth to his eyes. “Brody.”

Brody wished he could hold onto something for dear life. The sound of his name on Logan’s lips sent so many memories—and even more dreams and fantasies—racing through his mind and body. No, don’t think about that. Not now. Not here.

“You look good, Logan.”

Logan shook his head but he smiled even more broadly. The dark eyes were alive again, bright and lively, now even more of a contrast to the pale skin. “Fuck off.”

He was the same old Logan in so many ways, even though he didn’t resemble the man in Brody’s memory at all in others. Getting captured by the Taliban could do that to a guy. Brody grabbed an ugly orange plastic chair and dragged it over to the side of the bed, ignoring its scrape across the floor like nails on a chalkboard. The men in beds across the way stared with narrowed, angry eyes.

“So what have you been doing with yourself for the past six years, Flynn?”

It had been more than six years since he had last seen Logan Flynn, not counting the previous day’s rescue. Before that, it had been the day after graduation from Ranger School at Fort Benning, Georgia. For seven weeks of solid hell they’d been buddies. You were never supposed to be out of sight of your Ranger buddy, ever. They’d been everything to each other—almost everything—and then they hadn’t set eyes on each other since. It had been some cruel twist of logistics and staffing that they’d never ended up in the same unit or base during the intervening years.

“Well, lately, a bit of sightseeing.” Logan grinned. “You?”

“The same. I heard Afghanistan was the place to be, so I booked a trip. Beats Iraq.”

“Really? I though Iraq was the hot ticket.”

“Oh, it was. But that party’s over.” Brody paused. What the hell else was there to say? They had nothing in common anymore. A few shared weeks six years ago didn’t make them friends. “Glad you’re doing okay.” Best not to ask, just assume.

“Th-thanks. For bringing us—me—back.”

Brody just nodded. He started to get up.

“How’s Staub?”

Not fast enough. “He’s doing good. Causing trouble with the nurses. I heard that if you hadn’t treated him so quickly he might not be in as good shape. Coulda bled out on the bird.”

“Glad I could save someone.” Logan’s toneless voice almost brought tears to Brody’s eyes.

Logan frowned at Brody for a moment and then the corners of his mouth came back to neutral. He didn’t break the gaze and Brody waited, thinking Logan was going to say something.


He’d been waiting six years for Logan to say his name like that.


EM Lynley writes gay erotic romance. She loves books where the hero gets the guy and the loving is 11 on a scale of 10. A Rainbow Award winner and EPIC finalist, EM has worked in high finance, high tech, and in the wine industry, though she'd rather be writing hot, romantic man-on-man action. She spent 10 years as an economist and financial analyst, including a year as a White House Staff Economist, but only because all the intern positions were filled. Tired of boring herself and others with dry business reports and articles, her creative muse is back and naughtier than ever. She has lived and worked in London, Tokyo and Washington, D.C., but the San Francisco Bay Area is home for now.

She is the author of Sex, Lies & Wedding Bells, the Precious Gems series from Dreamspinner Press, and the Rewriting History series starring a sexy jewel thief, among others.

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